Right here, Right now.

SaturdayClub is womenswear e-retailer who takes pride in creating a casual cosmopolitan style. We believe in well-made clothes for women who love fashion as much as they value comfort

With a history in producing for numerous white label retailers, we have a solid ensemble of experienced in-house designers who understand the market like the back of their hands. Instead of supplying others with our quality pieces, we now have our own label and cater to our customers directly.

For the past decade, well-fitted quality pieces have always been the key offering in our collections. All our pieces are designed and made in-house allowing us a quick respond to global trends and ensuring elevated quality.

The SaturdayClub woman appreciates the finer things in life and is discerning in her fashion choices. She is confident and stands tall towards all challenges in life. To her, fashion is not just clothes, but a way of living life tastefully.

SaturdayClub constantly challenges the status quo, bringing you exciting and stylish new designs at high street prices.